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My name is Ajit Mishra and I am 26 Yrs old. I was born in a small village of Bihar in Madhubani district and when 8 years old we moved to another small village of West Bengal under Darjeeling district as my father is a Govt. Employee in Darjeeling.


Once in a year, during Durga Puja, we would go to our ancestral house in Bihar from Darjeeling until I was 15. The best route from Darjeeling to Madhubani runs through Nepal and that gave me the first chance to travel in a bus for more than 7 hours through beautiful Nepal, once every year. The fight with my younger brother for owning the window seat was a mere siblings favourite pass time or was it the sowing of wanderlust seed into my heart? I don’t know. I know, I loved watching those trees and mountains running behind me, and in my head goes a continuous dialog with everything passing by.

I completed my Schooling from one on the most beautiful place in the lap of Himalaya, Kalimpong and one of the most amazing school, Scottish Universities Mission Institution.Post that, I graduated in Computer Science & Engineering from Kolkata in 2012.  Henceforth, I have been part of one or the other IT Company.

In the beginning of 2014, I came to Bangalore, taking transfer of location from Kolkata with my the then working company Siemens. It seems, for me life began from Bangalore. The bird caged within has a limitless firmament to fly. Since, I came to Bangalore, except few months, I have travelled every month. 100 KM or 1000 KM. Bike trip, Solo Bag pack, Road trip with Friends, anything.

I believe and find solo travel as the best way of travelling. Because definition of travelling varies with individual and travelling solo bestows you to go with your definition. Often, I have people saying: Don’t you get bored travelling alone?. I always reply, no, actually it’s other way round. I travel alone when I get bored. I started my first solo bag pack from Hampi in Karnataka. Followed by many places in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, my interest in riding my bike for travelling was surging and only reason for that was I bought a bike for myself in August 2015 and learned how to ride.

Sitting in a tall building of glass, staring at my laptop, I would dream about riding to North East India. I have always loved that region of India the most. One fine evening I quit as I wanted 2 months break and quitting was the only option. I gear myself for the trip, transported my bike in Train to Siliguri (Nearest railway station from Darjeeling) and one beautiful morning, mounted my whole needful world on my bike and hit the road. Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram and West Bengal. Almost 37 days of ride, 5700 KM, 7 states, one machine and a rider. That changed me a lot, a lot.


I strive to travel every month, anywhere and in any means.



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